Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ohhhhh Tuesdays.

Tuesdays are suuuuper busy for us.... Get the trio up and ready and out the door at 8:45 (that really isn't to bad). Take Y to preschool.  Z to the ENT for her allergy shot. Over to playgroup, leave early to pick up Y from preschool.. Then to our favorite hang out ~The Library!~ All before 12pm. Home again for lunch and nap and Z's school work. Which is what we're doing now... The X and Y are napping,  Z is sitting next to me doing her english test and singing with her beautiful voice. = ) She has 3 big test today.. And hopefully to get some of tomorrows work done too, so we can have friends over to play.
 Big hurdle was crossed last night. For the past 8 months or so. We've had to place gates infront of X's room so he can't escape. One acrossed the bottom and one above because he is a climber..  He also wouldn't sleep in his toddler bed either.. He'd take his blankets and pillow and plop them down beside the gated doorway and sleep there.. Well last night, we decided that it was enough.. He got spanked on his little bum twice, and he stayed in his bed the rest of the night...  Although, I did put the gate at the top of the stairs, I still don't trust him to have the roam of the house if he decides to disobey.. Which would be pretty typical of a 2 yr old. But he didn't.. And it's all quiet upstairs now.. So I'm thinking he's napping like a little angel!!! =) lol  Well, I have to get off here and grade Z's test... =) Take care my friends!


  1. LOL...sounds like a busy morning. Mine was so not busy...lol. But this afternoon, I've been running around the house tidying and vacuuming to make up for my lazy morning. *grin* So how is Z doing with the homeschool?

  2. Like I tell Faith, I just can't imagining my schedule with kids it there too. LOL. But I figure if you and she can do it surely I could ajust. LOL. Again, I can't complain about my busy schedule, not after seeing yours. I love your header, by the way! Did you create it?

  3. Our dear friend faith made the header.. =) she did a great job on it!!! I know you so can adjust to a crazy schedule with kids too.. Infact, on the rare occassion that I'm out, alone. My arms hang helplessly at my sides.. I just don't know what to do with them!!! hahahaha!