Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2nd 2011

How strange it is to type 2011? Doesn't seem possible! lol Not too much to mention today. But I want to get in the habit of posting on here, so here goes!!
 About a quarter of our church members were absent today.. Everyone is sick. Including everyone who came! I think I would consider myself a "in the closet germaphobe" I am over coming this now, because I think it's important to keep our immune systems primed and ready, but it still irks my OCD when I'm sitting in our pew with our 3 chickadees and people are hacking and sniffeling everywhere. AND a little guy in the childrens singing service threw up everywhere!!! It was all I could do to NOT bring the kiddos home and bathe them in peroxide!!! HA! No, I'm really not that bad..I just settled for handwashing and some purex.. Now that the kids are getting older it isn't quite as bad as it was when they were little.. =) I will let you know if we do indeed get sick.. Fever, aches and pains... Oh joy.. Signing out ~

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  1. ROFL...someone here did that this was an adult though and it wasn't throw up just generally looking terrible and hacking all over the place. haha. i know what you mean though. Bathe in peroxide...lolol