Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Boy! I'm baaaaack!!!

It's been over a year since my last post!!! Snikies! So happy to have a "real" computer again.. Looking forward to blogging more often now. I was NOT gonna try to do this on my little celly phone. TONS of stuff has happened in our little family over the year hiatus.. Mostly good stuff, some wonderful stuff, and at the moment, I can't think of any really terrible stuff.. God has been..... Well, GOD. He's so good to me, even if there had been terrible moments.. He would still be good.

 Here's a little update on Z,Y & X.

 Homeschooling has been going well.. Z is much more indenpendent from me with her studies. Altho, I keep a close eye on her, she is really grasping learning.. She's been taking piano for a year now, and is still loving it, I'm so pleased with how she diligently practices her lessons every day! She's enjoying Tae Kwon Do, (she just started)  and her confidence has had a major boost.. I'm not intirely sure how that works, but I'm happy with the results so far.. She's becoming such a sweet, thoughtful, tenderhearted little lady.

Y.... My middle blonde bombshell..  WOW! She turned the big 5.. (A whole hand) And has changed soooooo much.. She's still the sweet little girl, but now with a big girl flare.. She's doing AWESOME in preschool.. I'm so happy with the school we chose for her.. I cannot believe the difference in her already.. Doing very well with speach now. And oh my, she LOVES to learn.. She cannot get enough learning!!! She is taking ballet lessons which she enjoys. And might I add, without her big sister to lead the way. (TKD is on the same evening of the week) She has a type A personality. And her dad & I marvel how easily she can make friends and how her little friends enjoy being around her. She has a knack for getting others to play what she wants to play.. For instance... At the moment Y & X are playing horsies in the next room. Y is completely directing the "conversation" the horese are having, with a quick, "Y, you chase these guys and say, mom! dad! wait for me!......k?" AND he listens to her!  Something we'll have to keep an eye on definantly, but she has the makings of a leader.. Big job for her parents for sure.. But I'm pretty sure God won't let us down when we ask for direction.

X.... oh my.. My 3 yr old little man is Daddy's buddy thru and thru..And loves his momma fiercely He is the funniest, toughest little guy I know.  I was wow'd one day this past week. He sat at the dinning room table by himself and did a "hard" puzzle for over an hour with just a couple breaks! I was happy to know that my wild 3 year old CAN focus for an extended amount of time!! He's definantly my line tester.. I have to look past that cute lil face& voice and keep him in line several times a day. He's a real hoot.. He is his daddys shadow.. They love to hunt, and kick.. (tkd, altho he is too young to take lessons, he enjoys kicking the bag w/ Z.) He and his dad sit in the man cave and watch deer hunting together.. X with his bow in hand.. =)

Welllll I gotta go.. We are going to a b-day party tonight and I've got to get these hooligans ready.. More later!!!!!