Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Boy! I'm baaaaack!!!

It's been over a year since my last post!!! Snikies! So happy to have a "real" computer again.. Looking forward to blogging more often now. I was NOT gonna try to do this on my little celly phone. TONS of stuff has happened in our little family over the year hiatus.. Mostly good stuff, some wonderful stuff, and at the moment, I can't think of any really terrible stuff.. God has been..... Well, GOD. He's so good to me, even if there had been terrible moments.. He would still be good.

 Here's a little update on Z,Y & X.

 Homeschooling has been going well.. Z is much more indenpendent from me with her studies. Altho, I keep a close eye on her, she is really grasping learning.. She's been taking piano for a year now, and is still loving it, I'm so pleased with how she diligently practices her lessons every day! She's enjoying Tae Kwon Do, (she just started)  and her confidence has had a major boost.. I'm not intirely sure how that works, but I'm happy with the results so far.. She's becoming such a sweet, thoughtful, tenderhearted little lady.

Y.... My middle blonde bombshell..  WOW! She turned the big 5.. (A whole hand) And has changed soooooo much.. She's still the sweet little girl, but now with a big girl flare.. She's doing AWESOME in preschool.. I'm so happy with the school we chose for her.. I cannot believe the difference in her already.. Doing very well with speach now. And oh my, she LOVES to learn.. She cannot get enough learning!!! She is taking ballet lessons which she enjoys. And might I add, without her big sister to lead the way. (TKD is on the same evening of the week) She has a type A personality. And her dad & I marvel how easily she can make friends and how her little friends enjoy being around her. She has a knack for getting others to play what she wants to play.. For instance... At the moment Y & X are playing horsies in the next room. Y is completely directing the "conversation" the horese are having, with a quick, "Y, you chase these guys and say, mom! dad! wait for me!......k?" AND he listens to her!  Something we'll have to keep an eye on definantly, but she has the makings of a leader.. Big job for her parents for sure.. But I'm pretty sure God won't let us down when we ask for direction.

X.... oh my.. My 3 yr old little man is Daddy's buddy thru and thru..And loves his momma fiercely He is the funniest, toughest little guy I know.  I was wow'd one day this past week. He sat at the dinning room table by himself and did a "hard" puzzle for over an hour with just a couple breaks! I was happy to know that my wild 3 year old CAN focus for an extended amount of time!! He's definantly my line tester.. I have to look past that cute lil face& voice and keep him in line several times a day. He's a real hoot.. He is his daddys shadow.. They love to hunt, and kick.. (tkd, altho he is too young to take lessons, he enjoys kicking the bag w/ Z.) He and his dad sit in the man cave and watch deer hunting together.. X with his bow in hand.. =)

Welllll I gotta go.. We are going to a b-day party tonight and I've got to get these hooligans ready.. More later!!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A quick blog before I forget!

Hmmmmm.... It's been like 2 weeks since I last updated on our party of 5.. =) Sorry... I do keep thinking of things to write about.. Just haven a hard time getting it written down!!  For starters, Y had her dentist appointment and didn't have a single cavity.. So that proves my theory that Z's teeth are just more susceptible to cavities, and the guilt has lessened a little.. And maybe the dentist will believe me when I say that we have  good dental hygiene practices!! Also Y was such a little champ! She did so well even tho she was a little frightened.. I took her all by herself, for the soul purpose that she needs to learn how to handle new experiences without looking to her big sis to guide her through.. NOT that looking up to her sissy is a bad thing at all.. I just want her to be able to think and act for herself, make decisions and trust her own instincts, not to always hide behide Z. It was cute though, because everything they asked her to do she would ask, "did sissy do this too?" lol She is getting so grown up..  Today she came home from preschool talking about a new best friend.. Allison... That's all I know about her is her name.. other than they are planning to have a sleep over with sleeping bags, popcorn and Barbie and the Diamond castle movie!! =) For some reason it made me so happy to hear her talking about her new friend and the things they discussed.. Little Y has had some delays in speech and language, but the past month she has made huge progress! I believe sending her to preschool was the best decision.. Even if it is only 4 hrs a week.. I can see that it has boosted her self confidence tremendously! She is such a little sweet heart! She is very tall and twig thin and has the squeekest chimpmunk voice!! hahah! She is taller than Z was in Kindergarten! lol Z on the other hand has a very small frame.. I cannot tell you how many people ask if they are fraternal twins... It always makes me laugh because they are 2 years apart.. She (Y) reminds me of Tinker bell.. the way she just floats along with her wispy white blonde hair, huge blue eyes and charming smile.. I love to watch her little hands working.. They are so delicate with sweet tiny fingers tappered to an unchewed fingernailed end.. And she doesn't even realize that she holds her little pinkies up perfectly poised when she holding something.. lol  I love this little 4 year old girl of mine..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yesterday = Motherhood Failure

Yesterday I failed miserably at motherhood. I'm still feeling horrible about it.. Now I'm sure you are wondering "WHAT DID SHE DO?!?!" lol  
Here's what I did. I let myself get angry with my children.. And I made Z cry because I yelled at her.. Wait, I take that back, I didn't yell at her, I screamed at her. 3 different times. I was so maxed to the limit of my patience! We sat and did a single days worth of 1st grade yesterday for 6 HOURS! School usually only takes us about 2 hrs. And she can breeze thru easily.. But that wasn't the case yesterday.. Math alone took 2 hrs !! She is great at math and doesn't need me to SIT on her to complete it. It normally takes her about 20 mins finish it! But that isn't the point. She is 6 years old, and she acts like a 6 year old.. I on the other hand, was NOT acting like a sane 28 yr old mother who enjoys raising her children. Infact, I DID NOT enjoy my children yesterday. I wanted to be selfish and I wanted everyone to leave me alone. I wanted my headache to stop, I wanted the noise that caused my ears to ring, to stop. I was craving a moment of silence. And when I finally got it at 10pm. I felt like a total jerk because I had acted like a bull in a china shop with my precious babies.  These little people who think I'm the greatest person in the whole world. And I couldn't wait for them to go to bed, and leave me alone! How awful is that?! I took my frustration and tiredness out on the people I love more than anything else in this world.  I was wrong to act like that and I asked for forgivness. So thankful I was granted a new day with new mercies..  Today X, Y& Z acted like they were 2,4 &6. And I acted like a 28 yr old mother who enjoys her children. (not saying there wasn't moments I wanted to go on the rampage)  Thank you Lord for your Grace.♥

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can't think of a good title... Sorry

Okay, I've started this blog like 5 different times, and can't think of anything witty or funny to say.. Not that my blogs are funny or witty. Usually just a bit of rambling about our party of 5's daily activities..  So last week Z had a dentist appointment. Ends up she has 4 cavities.. One tooth has to be pulled. (babytooth) I'm not intirely sure why she has so many. No we don't floss.. (altho we have started to now) and sometimes we don't get to brush teeth in the morning, BUT we do brush everynight.. Which I think is probably the most important time to brush, seeing that it gets all the yucky stuff off so it doesn't sit on their teeth over night.. AND Z of all children is a health nut.. She won't touch pop.. Candy is a downfall for her tho, but I rarely buy it.. Infact I can't even remember the last time I bought it.. The grandmas on the otherhand practically pour sugar down their throats.. =) They have been buying sugarfree gum at my request tho, atleast as far as I know.. =)  Y has an appointment coming up on thursday.. I'm very curious to see if she has any cavities.. To test my theory that Z just has "soft teeth".  Oh and I would have liked to punch the dentist in the face. lol He was an know-it-all idiot. I was probably older than he was and he just seemed very arrogant.. Didn't say a whole lot, but ya know the type.. I'd liked to have given him a knuckle sandwhich for lunch, see if that would have given him a cavity!! hahah! The dental hygenist was wonderful though.. Which was good because she spent the most time with us.. It was hilarious when it was time to take X-rays! As you can see from the above picture.. lol She was so tense and had her eye squeezed tight like she was afraid is was going to shock her or somthing!! lol The look of suprise when all that happened was a beeping sound was quite funny.. lol

 Hmmmmmm...... The hubs took Z to get her allergy shot today.. She has been taking them once a week for 17 months now... 2 weeks ago they said she was at her maintainance dose, which I believe she can now go everyother week.. I hope The Hubs remembers to ask about it.. BTW I don't know if it's just coincidence or if it's for real, but Z hasn't had to use any steroids or inhaler for her asthma since last spring. I'm thinking that the allergy shots are infact working!  The last few years we would be up all night with her coughing and wheezing every other night.. It was so exhausting! I was willing to try anything! But since last spring  she has to yet cough that barky cough that used to send chills up my spine! So I'm not sure if it is the allergy shots or the fact that she is getting older and maybe outgrowing it..
  Funny story about last night.. We went to bed kind of late.. I think the last time I looked at the clock it was 1:15am.. I knew I had to get up at 7:30 to get my shower and get ready for the day.. So when I woke up at 3:28am, all I saw was the :28am part.. lol Didn't pay attention to the hour. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.. lol But I was stopped in the hallway by X who wasn't feeling well, so I took him back to our bed and looked at the clock again and realized it was actually 3:30 and not 7:30!! lol If X hadn't been in the hallway I would have taken a shower at 3:30am!!! lol
 Well I'm feeling the hankering for some biscuts and gravey.. So I'm signing off..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Don't tell me, tell your dad.

heehee.. I feel a little guilty about that Infact those are the last words that just came out of  my mouth!! X, Y and Z are SUPPOSED to be in bed, teeth are brushed, prayers said, and tucked in tight.. But apparently not tight enough..  I can hear their little feet and squeels.. And the little parent Z, has made her apperance to inform us that X and Y are NOT in bed anymore.. Like we couldn't tell..  I think I'll just let the hubs handle this one.. Because of course blogging is much more important than talking on the phone to his best bud about archery and hunting!!! lol Whew, here it comes again!! "I'm telling MOM!" -Z 

 Sooooo today.......  Started out pretty slow.. Woke up, got breakfast, cleaned alittle, talked to Jamie.. ( I miss her so much.. And my brother and niece and nephew) Unstopped the toilet, cleaned up the gallons of water that overflowed.. I'm sure you can guess which one is the culprit on that shinanigan... Yep, the 2 yr old  aka X. Did Z's school with her, the heaping mountain of laundy in the basement was reduced to a mole hill.. yay! Still have to put them all away though.. booo!  Got ready for church.. and now we are back home again..
 I'm kinda dreading tomorrow morning.. I was calling around today trying to find a dentist that takes our insurance.. I found one.. but didn't realize it till after the appointment was made that it's at the health department. ugh.. Nothing against the health department.. But it seems like they are such jerks in there.. Sorry Leah.. I know you work there.. And I'm sure your a sweet peach to all your clients!! ha! Anyway that is just a warning to you all that there is an outside chance that I will be blogging about some mean person at the health department!! I've already decided that IF this goes in a not so nice way tomorrow, then I'm canceling Y and X's appointments!  So there!   lol

 Well that's that.. I'm signing out!