Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Don't tell me, tell your dad.

heehee.. I feel a little guilty about that Infact those are the last words that just came out of  my mouth!! X, Y and Z are SUPPOSED to be in bed, teeth are brushed, prayers said, and tucked in tight.. But apparently not tight enough..  I can hear their little feet and squeels.. And the little parent Z, has made her apperance to inform us that X and Y are NOT in bed anymore.. Like we couldn't tell..  I think I'll just let the hubs handle this one.. Because of course blogging is much more important than talking on the phone to his best bud about archery and hunting!!! lol Whew, here it comes again!! "I'm telling MOM!" -Z 

 Sooooo today.......  Started out pretty slow.. Woke up, got breakfast, cleaned alittle, talked to Jamie.. ( I miss her so much.. And my brother and niece and nephew) Unstopped the toilet, cleaned up the gallons of water that overflowed.. I'm sure you can guess which one is the culprit on that shinanigan... Yep, the 2 yr old  aka X. Did Z's school with her, the heaping mountain of laundy in the basement was reduced to a mole hill.. yay! Still have to put them all away though.. booo!  Got ready for church.. and now we are back home again..
 I'm kinda dreading tomorrow morning.. I was calling around today trying to find a dentist that takes our insurance.. I found one.. but didn't realize it till after the appointment was made that it's at the health department. ugh.. Nothing against the health department.. But it seems like they are such jerks in there.. Sorry Leah.. I know you work there.. And I'm sure your a sweet peach to all your clients!! ha! Anyway that is just a warning to you all that there is an outside chance that I will be blogging about some mean person at the health department!! I've already decided that IF this goes in a not so nice way tomorrow, then I'm canceling Y and X's appointments!  So there!   lol

 Well that's that.. I'm signing out!


  1. is the nice one around here...nothing ever happens (well, rarely) when they tell dad. haha. Oh well. Oh and I am right there with ya on the health dept dentist...ugh. I haven't taken ours back but i haven't found anyone else that will take their insurance least not pediatric dentists...i may HAVE to go back there. =( Good luck with that...=)

  2. I always dreaded it when my Mom told me, "wait till your Dad gets home". Oh, boy! Was I in for trouble! LOL. (Just btwn....I can't imagine KC being the soft one Faith...teeheehee...) However, if she said, "Ask your Dad first", I pretty much knew that meant yes. I'm not sure if she told me to let him deal with it instead of her...but if she did I'd probably be in trouble for tattling and the others would be in trouble for disobeying. LOL. And you're right blogging is more important. ;o)

    PS. How is Jamie doing?

  3. Jamie is doing okay.. Just trying to stay in her bubble.. Her blood count is low - which means she can get sick easier, and have a harder time fighting of infection- But I beleive she is feeling better, the lymphnodes have decreesed in size, which is awesome bc we know that the chemo is doing it's job. The first few days are rough after treatment. And she has them every other week. =)

  4. It's deserve a break. :)

  5. Now we want to know the verdict... how did it go today?!