Friday, December 31, 2010

1 of my top favorite moments

Just wanted to jot this down so I can remember it forever! If I had 10 top favorite moments in my life this one would come in around the top!
 It isn't anything world shattering, just simply contentment at it's best..
Last week me and my little darlings where all sitting around the dinning room table.. Z was doing her math, Y was sitting in my lap coloring a picture with me and X was doing his puzzle.. And I donno what came over me, maybe the fact that they were all so STILL and quietly chatting about their favorite color and if Elmo was indeed supposed to be red.. (sesame street coloring book)  And I just looked around at them and felt so much love and contentment.. X the cute little 2 yr old who thinks he's 6. Y just needed a little different type of teaching, and she is blossoming before my eyes.. And Z..... That little girl with her 4 front teeth missing is growing up so fast! This is my little family.. If we were lions they'd be my pride. Wolfs, my pack. Sheep, my flock. Whales, my pod. Country, m' boys. Gangsta, my posse.. I donno why I just compared them to those! hahah.. But they are one of my greatest delights!

Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17 2010

Soooo I just got a christmas card from a dear friend, and she told me that i need to blog again!! hahah.. So here's to you my faithful friend!
 I haven't felt like blogging.. Just been extremely busy and crazy and I'm not very good at putting my feelings into words, which is why I started blogging in the first place.. (to exercise my expression) If that makes any sense.. Anway, since my last blog, my sister-in-law Sha-sha ( My brothers wife, and I feel that she is more my sister than just a sister in law.) was diagnosed with cancer.. She is the ripe young age of 28 and is the mommy of 2 little ones..  I had felt that the Lord was wanting to use me to organize a Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction in honour of my brothers family. They have health insurance but a large deductable and it was only last year that their baby boy was born 12 weeks premature and was in the NICU for close to 3 months.. And they were still paying on his hospital bills. For a few days I just prayed (and worried) about it, then I decided that if God wanted me to do it, then He would prepare a way for me.. And guess what, He did.. ♥  I started by calling my best friend who just so happens to be Sha-sha's sis-in-law from her other side.. =) And from there God started blessing.. For starters we were prepared to fork out money to buy the food.. But there was no need to, local resturants and grocery store donated food to feed 500 people. Then came the "where are we going to have this event?!" When we realized a certain church dinning hall was NOT going to be big enough. But the Lord came thru with an Amish restruant donating their facilities to our cause! So now we had enough room, tables, dishes, glasses, tableware, tea, coffee and the use of their kitchen. AND their cooks and dish crew!!! How amazing is that!?!?! They went above and beyond!! They are always closed on Sundays, and as far as I know, have never opend up on a sunday.. But they did for us.. The owner even made meat balls for our spaghetti.. We did not have to spend ONE cent on anything.. EVERYTHING was donated all the way down to the flyers. A local paper did an article on Sha sha and this event and commented that she'd never seen a Benefit that 100% of the proceeds went to the honoured family. Also the Amish resturant is usually packed with local businesses christmas parties on Saturdays, but guess what? We needed into those banquet rooms on saturday to set up 60 round tables and chairs annd get the silent auction ready, and for once in the month of December that saturday was completely empty. That is God. Period.  It was still a tremendous amount of work and preparring but we got it done with God's help!  And to tell the truth, the only other time I have ever felt so calm and confindent going into something so huge was at my wedding. I just knew the Lord was in control and why should I worry?.. (which is, by the way NOT me. I worry about everything! I even worry that I'm worrying too much!)  People gave with their hearts and I don't even know how much it raised.. I just  know that it was a huge success. Anyway, that is one reason why I haven't been on here yaking.. It's not for lacking of anything to say. I keep thinking during differnt encounters I have, ohhh, this would make a good blog!!!! =) hahah.. Especially the ones where I have encountered pure hateful people.. I just don't understand that people actually live with those feelings! Part of it is my fault tho.. I have been praying that the Lord would help me to grow in Grace and patience.. And buddy, I'm telling you.. Don't ever pray that unless you realllllly mean it!! hahahah!! Trust me! It's beyond me that certain people cannot be happy unless they are stirring up strife! And I hate the fact that when I'm confronted with hateful people I am always nice!! And later when I am brewing about it, think a million things up that I could have said.. But now that I reread that, I guess I'm glad I don't explode back at them because if I did, I wouldn't be any better than they are... But really.. I feel i have grown in grace and patience toward ignorant people, so now hopefully they can lay off! hahahhahah =) Well my kiddos are upstairs singing Praise Ye The Lord Halelujah! Time for nap and I gotta get this house whipped into shape!! Thanks for taking time to listen to my ramblings.. More later!