Saturday, January 1, 2011

My blog has a new look!

Thank you Faith for making my blog "pretty"! You did a fantastic job... I hope I can get the hang of this soon! But for now I'm counting on you to help me out!!!
 I'm kind of one of those people that keeps everything inside, and write stuff (or typing rather) has really been a relief of sorts.. I shall do my best to keep this going!! =) Thank you so much for your time and effort Faith, you are a great friend!


  1. I keep looking at this!! It is perfect!

  2. Wow, pays to know the right people! lol! Looks great. Took your advice and started a blog too. I don't know if mine looks near as good as this, but it's fun tinkering with it. By the by, there are lots of nice tutorials on how to do stuff to your blog at

  3. LOL...aww, I'm really glad you like it, Sheila. I think it helps that I know I was putting it together, I was mentally sitting in your living room talking to you. LOL! Anyways, if you need anything else or more help with it, just holla! =) Love ya, friend!