Friday, December 31, 2010

1 of my top favorite moments

Just wanted to jot this down so I can remember it forever! If I had 10 top favorite moments in my life this one would come in around the top!
 It isn't anything world shattering, just simply contentment at it's best..
Last week me and my little darlings where all sitting around the dinning room table.. Z was doing her math, Y was sitting in my lap coloring a picture with me and X was doing his puzzle.. And I donno what came over me, maybe the fact that they were all so STILL and quietly chatting about their favorite color and if Elmo was indeed supposed to be red.. (sesame street coloring book)  And I just looked around at them and felt so much love and contentment.. X the cute little 2 yr old who thinks he's 6. Y just needed a little different type of teaching, and she is blossoming before my eyes.. And Z..... That little girl with her 4 front teeth missing is growing up so fast! This is my little family.. If we were lions they'd be my pride. Wolfs, my pack. Sheep, my flock. Whales, my pod. Country, m' boys. Gangsta, my posse.. I donno why I just compared them to those! hahah.. But they are one of my greatest delights!

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