Friday, October 29, 2010

Dear Z 5-13-04

Dear Z.. Here is your birthstory.. I still remember it like yesterday..
    May 12, 2004. I had been having contractions all night and all day long 10 mins apart.. I felt kinda stressed and antsy . But I  Didn't think much of it . Daddy came home from work around 5:30 pm excited that I had been having contractions.. I was kinda embarrassed to call my Doctor w/ them being so far apart and not that intense.. But my husband talked me into calling, and she told me to go over to the hospital.. That is when everything started sliding down hill.. When we got to the maternity triage, the nurse took my bp. 160/88.. She asked if I was nervous.. "Of course I am! I may be having our first  baby tonight! " By 8:00 pm my blood pressure was 198/110.. That was the last time they told me what it was.. I was put on Magnesium sulfate to keep me from having a seizure, Pitocen was added because the mag sulfate slowed my contractions.( I had an epidural by now.) I was feeling very nauseated from the high blood pressure and with every contraction I had, I would throw up.. I was very miserable.. But thing just kept getting worse.. The nurses gave me Phenergan which was supposed to keep me from vomiting..(it also makes you very sleepy and if your pg, your baby gets tired too) It ended up that I was allergic to it. (which I have never been allergic to anything that I know of) I was shaking all over.. The nurses thought that I was having a seizure.. But they discovered the hives covering my body and gave me a dose of benedrel to remedy to reaction.. (The Benadrel also made me makes very tired/ and you too because you were still inside me!) Before I had the epidural I was given Demerol (which too, causes low Apgar scores in babies) to ease the contractions. By the time I started to push my body was so heavily medicated I could hardly make it to the count of 7.. That's when they discovered our you were "sunny side up" which means you were facing up toward the ceiling, the largest part of her head was trying to come through.. I thought I would never make it.. And our doctor probably should have done a C-section then.. But she didn't and I pushed for over 2 hours.. You, our first baby girl was finally delivered at 2:06 pm on May 13th 2004.. With the help of the vacuum. As soon as you came out I was desperate to see you . You were a blueish gray color, and very "floppy". I reached out to touch your leg as Doc passed you to the nurses who worked fast and furious to resecitate you..  It seemed like forever before I heard your first sound..It sounded like a new born kitten.. Very weak and tiny. Then they rushed you away to the nursery..And then to the Childrens Hospital (45 mins away..) I was sooooo exhausted after 20 hours of labor, But I couldn't sleep until the transport team from the NICU brought you to my room.. The first good look I had of you was breif, but I will never forget how tiny you looked in that big isolet on that gurny w/ all those machines and wires and whatever else they could think to bring!  I could only reach through a little porthole from the side of the isolet..  I could hardly see you through the blurred vison from the blood pressure and my tears . I will never forget how soft your skin was. I rubbed your check. And I thought that your face was so perfectly round and smooth, quite easily the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.. And yes, I did peak into your diaper just to make sure you were still a girl!! The fact that I was your mommy and this little tiny being was my baby was still sinking in when they had to take you away..
 But thank goodness for prayers.. God touched you my little daughter and you  recovered quickly.. . The next evening the nicu sent you back to my hospital to be with me..  Doctor brought you into my room and finally place you in my arms where you belonged. The way it should have happend 24 hours before.. = ) But I was sooo happy to see you I didn't care about anything else..   Daddy came in 5 mins later and we enjoyed our first moments as a little family.. You started nursing right away, and was very good at it!  A few days later we got to go home and start our lives with you!!

..Today you are perfect in every way.. Your doctor told us you are very advanced  intellectually.. It makes me feel so proud of you, knowing how close we came to losing you or you  little brain being damaged from the lack of oxegen right before and after birth. We will always thank our Lord for ur lil miracle..
All my love,

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  1. i knew some of that but not all of it. she will appreciate that letter some day! =)