Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Quiet Time

*sigh* it's not silent, but X is taking his nap, or at least baricaded into his room for the next hour, if  he naps or not the big question. Z is water painting, and Y is walking around looking for something to do.. Oh and The Hubs is out hanging tree stands... Which by the way, he shot his buck (11 point for those who are counting) Friday night..Which to me is FABULOUS! Although he will still be hunting, it's not that "gotta get a buck" panic!
 Last night we went to my sweet little nephews 1st birthday part! He is precious! Very smiley and happy guy! I loved holding him!!! Bless his heart, he has come so far in the past year! He was 12weeks premature, and had a bit of a rough begining.. ♥ He is perfectly perfect!


Annnnnnnd it is now 10 42 pm.. The door bell rang and i had to stop "blogging" to visit with my friend.. =) What a nice day! Church was great... This morning we went to what the kids call "the far, far away church" which is an hour and twenty mins from here.. They asked The Hubs to preach/speak while their pastor was in a special meeting.. I enjoyed The Hubs message very much! I am so not a public speaker, so I really admire The Hubs for being so at ease with it! ♥
Tonight at our home church, we had a praise and worship service..Whenever there is 5 sundays in a month, our church has a pot luck dinner and an early evening service that is devoted to praise and songs.. BUT even tho today was a 5th Sunday, we didn't have a dinner and early servic today  because the next two week we are having dinners at church. Next Sunday is a farewell service and dinner for our Pastor. And the week after is a "welcome" service and dinner for our new Pastor!  Anyway, I'm not even sure why I just had to explain that.. It was rather irrelavent... heehee..
And WOW is it cold! Our van's temp said it was 34 degrees!! Time to put away my beloved flip flops I guess =(  Oh well.. Christmas is only around 7 weeks away.. And that is my favorite time of year!! =) Well my feet are freezing, and it's 5 till 11 and X, Y and Z are still not in bed.. Take care till next time!

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  1. congrats to your hubs on shooting bambi...or would that be bambi's hubby? ROFL. I kid, I kid. anyways, i laughed about the explanation...that was funny...and I'm glad you explained...I thought for a minute there that maybe the new pastor had outlawed the 5th sunday ;-) I still think that's a neat plan...I wish our church did it. Anyway, hope your kids fall asleep fast for ya tonight! Glad you blogged again! I am loving this! So much more about your life than one or two sentence facebook statuses...or is that stati? LOL. Goodnight! =)