Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010

Well here it is... My first ever BLOG! lol I've been thinking about this for awhile.. And I kind of use FB as my blog.. So I thought, why don't I just make a real one!!! =) So here goes nothing! So much new stuff to try out on here.. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon! Hmmmm...... So what do I talk about?!?! Maybe I should introduce myself.. I'm Sheila I'm 28 or 29, isn't it weird once you have kids your age doesn't really matter anymore? I am infact 28. I just counted it up from 1982. I'm the middle child of Mack and Denise. I have an older brother and a younger sister, both whom I love very much.. =) (I love my parents too) I was born in Ohio, moved to SC and lived there from the time I was 6yrs old till 19 yrs old. I met my future Hubs at a TN Church Campmeeting in June 2000, and we were married June 2001. Only 1 week and 1 day after I graduated from high school.  On May 13,2004 With great joy we welcomed our first daughter Z. October 2,2006 we welcomed our second daughter,  Y. And on May 6, 2008 we welcomed our first son X. We have 2 more children in heaven.. Unfortunantly they didn't survive the first trimester of pregnancy. I always hesitate to include them, makes it kind of akward, especially for those who haven't miscarried before. But they were infact my babies, and were loved very much.. (still are) So I will include them here.. To be totally honest losing them changed me.. I see even more what a  special miracle evey child is, and apprieate them each as one (a miracle).  More on them later...♥
We live in a green house.. Which my daughters so lovingly call "the pickle" house.. I talked my hubs into getting us some chickens in the spring.. And I thought they'd never start laying eggs.. They are 30 somthing weeks now, and have just begun producing beautiful brown eggs.. How excited we were when we found that first egg!! =) We have a dog.. Her name is Holly.. She is a mut.. But the best mutt ever! Except right now she is shedding like no other, and thinks that the sofa is her personal bed, and leaves a pile of hair whenever she gets up.. I think it's time to fork out the 40$ at walmart and get her a nice "dog" bed.. And forbid her to ever step one foot on the sofas again!! =) haha.. that will probably never happen.. Infact she sleeps on our bed.. Yep, the same bed that rarely a child gets to sleep in with us.. And our dog sleeps in it everynight..(it's not forbidden for the kiddos to sleep with us, but they don't press the issue and neither do we!) Anyway.... I drive a minivan, with the 5 little shadow figures of our family on the back window.. =) Which, by the way, I had before it was "cool" to have them.. =) I feel extremely out of wack when my house is messy.. So I feel "out of wack" almost all the time because my house is ALWAYS messy.. My hubs said today that it seems like the older our kids get the worse they get about picking anything up.. To which I said, well they are just like their father, to which I will qoute, "I really don't like when the house is a mess, but I don't pick anything up because I know you (the wife) will do it" Yup, he actually SAID THAT! LOL But other than letting me do all the work on the inside and outside of the house..(except mowing the rediculusly large yard) he is the most wonderful, caring, loving, husband and friend..(and father) And I love him with all my heart.. ♥ Well, those are some of the highlights of Sheila.. Hope you enjoyed it! (how do you close one of these?)  Maybe with a Goodbye, see you later?!?! hahah...

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  1. the xyz theory...=) and X's birth story, too. =)