Thursday, January 20, 2011

A quick blog before I forget!

Hmmmmm.... It's been like 2 weeks since I last updated on our party of 5.. =) Sorry... I do keep thinking of things to write about.. Just haven a hard time getting it written down!!  For starters, Y had her dentist appointment and didn't have a single cavity.. So that proves my theory that Z's teeth are just more susceptible to cavities, and the guilt has lessened a little.. And maybe the dentist will believe me when I say that we have  good dental hygiene practices!! Also Y was such a little champ! She did so well even tho she was a little frightened.. I took her all by herself, for the soul purpose that she needs to learn how to handle new experiences without looking to her big sis to guide her through.. NOT that looking up to her sissy is a bad thing at all.. I just want her to be able to think and act for herself, make decisions and trust her own instincts, not to always hide behide Z. It was cute though, because everything they asked her to do she would ask, "did sissy do this too?" lol She is getting so grown up..  Today she came home from preschool talking about a new best friend.. Allison... That's all I know about her is her name.. other than they are planning to have a sleep over with sleeping bags, popcorn and Barbie and the Diamond castle movie!! =) For some reason it made me so happy to hear her talking about her new friend and the things they discussed.. Little Y has had some delays in speech and language, but the past month she has made huge progress! I believe sending her to preschool was the best decision.. Even if it is only 4 hrs a week.. I can see that it has boosted her self confidence tremendously! She is such a little sweet heart! She is very tall and twig thin and has the squeekest chimpmunk voice!! hahah! She is taller than Z was in Kindergarten! lol Z on the other hand has a very small frame.. I cannot tell you how many people ask if they are fraternal twins... It always makes me laugh because they are 2 years apart.. She (Y) reminds me of Tinker bell.. the way she just floats along with her wispy white blonde hair, huge blue eyes and charming smile.. I love to watch her little hands working.. They are so delicate with sweet tiny fingers tappered to an unchewed fingernailed end.. And she doesn't even realize that she holds her little pinkies up perfectly poised when she holding something.. lol  I love this little 4 year old girl of mine..


  1. awww sweet. K-man is kinda the same way...super dependent on big sis to lead the way for him in social or new situations. LOL. Those second born kids are somethin else. =) great post...glad you came back and blogged again. =)

  2. Aw, I love to read about your family life!